UPC: 859763005773 - Cover Art by Allison Clark

Copyright SR 945-370 June 16, 2022

greater Than Sunsets - 07/01/2022


I am excited to release my first single "Greater Than Sunsets". The song was an emotional journey to write and I am thankful for the team of great people that helped in so many ways. I want to give special thanks to my producer Andy King. His talent in composing the arrangement brought this song to life. 


The song was written for my daughter as a surprise for her wedding day father/daughter dance. Unfortunately I was recovering from Covid and wasn't able to have that dance nor did I get to walk her down the isle. I am grateful that my wife and I could attend, but we watched from a distance as my little girl took the next step in her life. She was beautiful.  


Greater than the sunsets, over oceans blue

There is more beauty in you.