UPC: 859763005773 - Cover Art by Allison Clark

Copyright SR 945-370 June 16, 2022

greater Than Sunsets - 07/01/2022


I am excited to release my first single "Greater Than Sunsets". The song was an emotional journey to write and I am thankful for the team of great people that helped in so many ways. I want to give special thanks to my producer Andy King. His talent in composing the arrangement brought this song to life. 


The song was written for my daughter as a surprise for her wedding day father/daughter dance. Unfortunately I was recovering from Covid and wasn't able to have that dance nor did I get to walk her down the isle. I am grateful that my wife and I could attend, but we watched from a distance as my little girl took the next step in her life. She was beautiful.  


Greater than the sunsets, over oceans blue

There is more beauty in you.

song Reviews

Joe Teresi

Guitarist / Audio Engineer

United States


This song really touches my heart. I love the lyrics. Very well thought out and the vocal harmonies are spot on. Well done!

Mark Stone

Singer / Songwriter

United States


The musical bed and instrumentation seem very well recorded so kudos to the producer. Kinda reminded me of a Bob Carlisle song Butterfly Kisses in sentiment and arrangement.


Songwriter / Session Musician

United States


Beautiful rendition with wonderful lyrics and attractive title. Love the string arrangements, vocals and harmonies sound sweet and great. Love the ambience and timing, the chords marvelous. Completely a piece of art.

Guy Leroux




Wow!! You just wrote the song I should have written. It's really well sung, the music flows so nice with the lyrics. I'm sure you're going to bring a tear to a lot of the fathers out there. Congratulations.

Paashii Togiyashi

Audio Engineer / Guitarist

Lipa, Philippines


Wow! The sound of the song generally is good. The instruments all sounds great. I like the grand piano with strings on the back. The percussion is just fine and subtle on the back. The vocals is also nice and well performed.

Enderson Mujica

Musician / Pianist



I like the lyrics, I feel the love in it. Nice voice and nice work on the recording and mixing, great job.

Ronald Reed Jackson

Producer / Audio Engineer

United States


From an engineer/producer perspective, easy to hear this was professionally done. It was a pleasant listen and the sentiment is deep and real. Everything was precisely done, I'm sure with respectable care and effort. No detail was left undone IMO.

Raffaella Piccirillo

Musician / Producer

Lombardy, Italy


Very beautiful song and rock ballad. Great vocal melody with very emotional vibrations. Good composition, arrangement and production. Very dreamy atmosphere.

Calmma Jaye

Recording Artist



I like how this song sounds. It has some good melodies and harmonies; also the beat has a good groove so I like it. It's very interesting.

Howard Nkomo

Guitarist / Musician

Johannesburg, South Africa


I had a lot of fun listening to this song, which I really enjoy. The fact that this is your first professionally produced work blows my mind. It sounds like you're an expert in the field.

Zoltan Szekely

Zoltan and the Fortune Tellers

United States


For a first production effort I was incredibly impressed. The song is well written, has lots of emotion, and the musicianship and production sound professional. The vocals were soothing and gentle, very appropriate for the theme of the song.





Well crafted song, performed, and arranged. Melody and vocals render the mood perfectly. It touches quite a delicate moment in a father's life. Lyrics perfectly catch the melancholy pertaining to a daughter's growth, but it won't allow for redundant sorrow.